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8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extravagant…


If luxury is the goal when building your new home, know that
you don’t have to select every in-your-face feature that crosses your mind.
Sure, luxury is all about elegance and going for what you want, but there are
plenty of small – and not-so-small – touches that you can incorporate into your
home for an elegant, grand aesthetic.

Try a few of these to turn on the wow-factor in your

Extend the Bed

A headboard that extends well past the edges of your bed –
or reaches the top of the ceiling – seamlessly blends the bed and wall
together, creating a larger-than-life feeling. The cohesive aesthetic combined
with the gratuitous headboard is a unique visual that will impress.

Extend the Windows

If you’re someone who needs some natural sunlight to wake in
the morning, consider implementing floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalize on
all the sunshine possible. Know that if you have west-facing windows, the sun
isn’t going to filter through until later in the evening, so be sure to work
with your builder to make sure your room is on the optimal side of the house.

Get a Four Poster Bed

Channel your inner royalty with a four-poster or canopy bed.
Originally meant to keep out the cold and bugs, a layer of gauze of your bed is
now totally optional – and elegant. The string lights across the top of the canopy
bed above are a great touch, too. Don’t want to give up your bedframe? You can
also drape cloth directly from the ceiling to create the same effect.

Glamorous Closet

Even though sleep is important, the bedroom isn’t just about
the bed. You’re going to want plenty of space for all of your clothes, shoes,
and accessories, so be sure to invest in your dream closet. The clear doors in the
closet pictured above allow you to survey all of your clothes while maintaining
a pristine look. Having all of your shoes displayed means you’re able to choose
whichever go best, and the giant island in the middle of the closet is perfect
for laying out possible accessories and outfit combinations for consideration.

Embrace Neutrals

The truth is that neutrals never go out of style. A great
way to create a lasting sense of luxury is to capitalize on the neutral colors.
Take the bedroom above: The dual-colored wall behind the bed, the gray and white
bedsheets, and the minimalist artwork makes the space very aesthetically
pleasing. Feels a bit boring? Note the mismatched lights and bedside tables,
along with the unique sculpture; these subtle touches add uniqueness to the
room, and can easily be exchanged for brighter, bolder options that draw the

Sitting Room

Button- and stud-upholstered furniture, large windows, dark
walls – all of these features individually create a sense of luxury, and
combined, they have an even stronger effect. Luxury often means larger than
life; having an extended bedroom with space for a sitting area that’s
glamorously decorated is guaranteed to impress.

Bring in a Chandelier

Whether glamorously complex or simple and elegant, a
chandelier in the bedroom is an extravagant choice. Having tall ceilings in
your bedroom will also add to the larger-than-life effect that amplifies and exudes

Bring the Outdoors In

This tip is often mentioned within the context of bringing
plant life and greenery into your home, but there’s another way to do that: bring
in a pool. What better way to wake yourself up than taking a quick dip in the
morning, without having to go outside? The sliding glass doors that section off
this pool space means you won’t fall in when you’re shuffling to get a glass of
water at 3 a.m., while also allowing you to enjoy the view during the day.

There are plenty of options when it comes making your custom
home as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Ready to get started on your
dream home? Visit NewHomeSource

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