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Best Spots in Your Home for Smart Lights…


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Smart lighting has the ability to
make a major impact on anyone’s home. This energy efficient lighting makes a
robust impression on anyone upon entering. It’s a tech-first way of lighting up
your home but still creates warmth and depth. This lighting can dramatically
transform any space into an inviting, relaxing atmosphere.

Remember, smart lighting can also
radically streamline the functionality in your home while elevating it to a
more restful, warmth, and cozy mood. These tech fixtures include functionality
such as voice activated controls, timers, appointment scheduling, music
syncing, and more. Smart lighting also features design and aesthetic functionality,
including dimmable lights, color change capabilities, and light warmth levels.
Smart lighting works in any type of home and these fixtures can be a major
must-have asset to living rooms and bedrooms, but they are excellent additions
in outdoor spaces and patios, as well.

However, there are lots of places in
your home to consider. And then, there’s the type of smart lighting that is the
most effective in each location. Find the best spot and smart fixture to
determine how the perfect smart light will illuminate your home.

Read our guide for the best smart
lighting tips and spots.

Places to Consider

To begin, consider what areas in your home could use an infusion of light. Start with interiors and then move on to the home’s outdoor space. If your walk-in closet or bedroom could benefit from some brightness, you’ll choose much different products than a backyard path or outdoor pergola.

Then, consider the actual placement
for each fixture. Recessed lighting is perfect for lounge spaces and sleeping
areas, whereas scones brighten up the darkest of hallways. Moreover, standing
lamps will illuminate reading nooks and study dens. As for outside spaces,
floodlights and smart LED light strips work in backyards, but a motion-sensor
smart light with an alarm is perfect for any front door.

How Do I Choose a Smart Light?

Now that you landed on some prime
smart light spots in your abode, it’s time to dive into choosing the right
smart fixtures. Settle on a budget and then familiarize yourself with options
that include must-have functions, aesthetic style, trends, and installation

Depending on your familiarity with smart products, you might want something
more complex like an option to sync across rooms and devices, or a simple plug
and play light.

What Are My Indoor Smart Lighting Options?

Start inside the home to add much needed flair and function.

Smart Bulbs

light bulb

For homeowners who are just dipping a toe into the smart tech world, the fastest and easiest option is to start with a few smart light bulbs. For less than $20, curious contemporary homeowners can mix in a few Peteme smart bulbs that will instantly transform a living room or bedroom. The bulbs work with any home assistant, such as Alexa. Smart tech newbies and seasoned pros both will enjoy the included and sizable features such as app controls via smartphone, multi-light scape modes, and 16 million dimmable colors. The bulbs are perfect energy saving additions to any space.

Ready to level up? The Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit ($129) will entice gamers and master entertainers. With nearly endless color options (16 million, to be exact), the starter kit will add-on to any smart home hub and other devices already put in place. Simply pair the kit with your home’s smart hub and enjoy its Philips hue app with multiple functions which include voice activated controls. The kit works best in floor lamps, ceiling fan lights, pendant lights, and more. For budget-savvy homeowners, the warranty sweetens the deal: the kit is guaranteed to last 23 years with normal use.

Recessed Lighting

recessed bulb

For handy installations, consider recessed smart lights. The Dejavu Retrofit Recessed Downlight is just $39 and operates just like other smart light products. Except this smart light doesn’t require a hub.

Edison Bulbs

edison bulb

Love a vintage vibe, but not the lack of sustainability? Add in these DORESshop Edison bulbs are budget friendly, rounding out at just $27. Retro-themed homeowners will certainly love the look, without the waste. The dimmable lights pair with any home assistant, but don’t offer many other features. Pro tip: don’t use these lights with dimmer switches as they may cause the bulbs to flicker.

Strip lights

string light

Want a secondary (or third) light source for added decor? Look for LED strip lights to add a little sparkle and shine. These 16 million color strip lights will sync to music, are sensitive to mics, and offer 7 scene modes. The strip lights are a fun and cheeky addition to any game room or kid’s hang out spot.

What Are My Outdoor Smart Lighting Options?

Keep the smart tech flowing with these clever outdoor lighting ideas.

Outdoor Strip Lights

outdoor fairy or string lights

Want more color? Outdoors? Playful homeowners can certainly add touches of color with smart lights outside, too! Philips offers a smart strip light set for under $100. It’s easy to install, but the fixture does require the Echo Dot for use. Level up your pool party ambiance or summer dance party with this fun light strip. And don’t worry about summer rains or wind — the device is weatherproof!

Outdoor Bulbs

outdoor lightning

Instead of replacing run-of-the-mill outdoor lights with more of the same, go energy efficient. Philips Hue carries outdoor smart lights that any homeowner can control remotely. Light up a backyard or just dim the lights for added atmosphere, the smart bulbs will work via voice activation with a smart hub any time of day or night.

Flood Lights

flood light

Many homeowners already have flood lights installed in their outdoor areas, pathways, and driveways. Why not make those lights energy efficient and technologically savvy? These Sengled flood lights have motion sensors, dusk and dawn daylight sensors, voice controls, and other tech capabilities.

Wall Lights

Need more lights for dark nights? Illuminate your side entrance with a photocell sensor security wall light.

Looking for more? Browse all smart lighting options here.

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