Home Trends Best Tiny Home Builders in Dallas-Fort Worth: 2020 Edition…

Best Tiny Home Builders in Dallas-Fort Worth: 2020 Edition…


The NewHomeSource Awards recognizes and celebrates local businesses across the country that provide the best services for new homebuyers and the construction industry. 

We found the top tiny home builders in Dallas-Fort Worth so you can live large in the tiny home you always dreamed about!

Best Tiny Home Builders in Dallas-Fort Worth

What makes a good tiny home builder?

Building your dream tiny home isn’t the same as building a traditional new home. As you start your journey to the tiny life, you need to work with a builder who understands the unique appeal and challenges of going small with your home.

A good tiny home builder knows that a tiny home doesn’t have to feel cramped or look cheap. Keep an eye out for builders who have a wealth of experience building non-traditional homes, and have a passion for delivering quality houses.

5 Attributes of a Good Tiny Home Builder

  • They’re excited that you’ve decided to embrace the tiny life, and want you to love your new tiny home
  • They have experience designing and building tiny homes that live large and maximize space
  • They can accommodate your unique needs for your home
  • They know how to avoid common tiny home building pitfalls
  • Their homeowners loved working with them and love life in their new home

Best Dallas-Fort Worth Tiny Home Builders

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NewHomeSource analyzed over 20 tiny home builders in DFW and surrounding areas and narrowed it down to 9 winners. Check out the full list below.

Hill Country Tiny Houses

Hill Country Tiny Houses

Hill Country Tiny Houses is a family-owned company that prides itself on quality over quantity. We are located a few hours outside of Dallas in Abilene, TX. Our team has over 40 years of combined home building experience and firsthand knowledge of the challenges, obstacles, and benefits of tiny living. We combine our expertise with unique and thoughtful designs to build the personalized tiny home of your dreams. Our mission is to help families downsize space without sacrificing luxury for a more meaningful lifestyle.

Superior Concreate Tiny Houses

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses specializes in superbly designed and crafted precast concrete tiny homes. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction business, we are a pioneering leader in building beautiful tiny homes and other structures that are bold in design and appearance, using steel-frame and durable reinforced decorative precast concrete. Our company is referred to as “The Original Concrete Tiny House Co,” giving new meaning to living large in an energy-efficient, steel-reinforced, built-to-last concrete tiny home.

Indigo River Tiny Homes

Indigo River Tiny Homes

Indigo River Tiny Homes is bringing the American dream back to reality by pioneering tiny homes that are custom, sustainable, and of the utmost quality. We are a veteran-owned, environmentally conscious construction company inspired by the simplicity, freedom & ecological benefits that Tiny Living offers. Based on a variety of floor plans and the creative input of our customers, our team creates a tiny home that is unique to the individual. Our houses are not cookie-cutter RVs or mobile homes; they are one of a kind homes built to be lived in and built to last!

American Tiny House

American Tiny House

American Tiny House is a highly respected and dedicated tiny home builder located in the beautiful piney woods of Longview, Texas. Our accomplished team of craftsmen has a passion for designing and constructing high-quality, ecologically sound tiny homes and cabins. Each of our homes combines sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, and comfortability, with an attractive and eye-catching detailed appearance.

Small Dwelling Company

Small Dwelling Co.

Small Dwelling Company is a small company specializing in custom tiny homes, with a passion for living a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle. We believe your home should be unique to you and our ultimate goal is to create beautiful, handcrafted tiny homes that offer less distraction and more compassion. Our team is dedicated to building each tiny house with a personalized, hands-on approach. With decades of home building experience, we will construct the perfect tiny house for you, down to every detail.

Texas Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Homes is an award-winning, international design-build company with hundreds of design clients and plan customers in 9 nations, including those in 48 US States. We are not only a tiny home builder, but we’re also a tiny and small home plans design company, as well as residential land developers. We can build you a tiny house on one of our wooded lots in Granbury, Texas, or we can custom build on your lot or acreage. If you do not already have a lot, no worries— we will be happy to locate it for you.

Rafter B Tiny Homes & Small Spaces

Rafter B Tiny Homes & Small Spaces

Rafter B Tiny Homes & Small Spaces is a family-owned business established in 2017. Built on a reputation of honesty, integrity, and reliability, we have a passion for helping people. Bringing together our unique skillset has enabled us to bring superior, well-crafted homes to the Tiny Home Movement. We offer tiny houses on wheels, skids, or concrete foundations. Whether building standard or custom, we always focus on a high-quality build at an affordable price. We find excitement partnering with our clients to bring their ideas to life.

Smith Quality Buildings

Smith Quality Buildings

Smith Quality Buildings is a locally-owned and operated tiny home and cabin construction firm located in Greenville, TX. If you’re tired of maintaining a large home, you may want to consider downsizing to a tiny house— that’s where we come in! We can build and deliver your tiny home in about 12 weeks. Our offices are cabins that we’ve built, so you’ll see firsthand what we’re capable of doing. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the layout of your new structure before we start building it. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to live large in the tiny house of your dreams.

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