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No Money Down! “FREE MONEY?” Down Payment Assistance! Zero down mortgage loans!

00:00 Introduction
1:02 Reason #1 Credit Score
1:30 Reason #2 Loan Percentage
1:55 Reason #3 Free Money
2:02 Reason #4 No Liens
2:25 Reason #5 Debt Ratio is Higher
2:58 Reason #6 Can Buy Multi-Unit Homes
3:25 Reason #7 No Income Limits
3:45 Reason #8 You Don’t Have to be a First-Time Homebuyer
4:09 Reason #9 No Second Underwriter
4:43 Reason #10 It’s FREE MONEY
4:52 Reason #11 Instant Equity
5:19 Reason #12 You Can Refinance
5:47 Reason #13 Nationwide Program
6:12 What’s Next?

With so many down payment assistance programs available, but no standard program, many cities, counties, state, and non-profit organizations have come up with numerous programs to assist renters in buying a home zero down payment programs.

Many of these programs are loans. Some must be paid. monthly, others are paid after the sale of a home or refinance and others have a balloon-type payoff after a number of years.

There are a few grants out there that help people with free money and while some have exorbitant interest rates, the Dream House Foundation has loan amounts in the 3s!

Well here are some of the features of the program.

Number 1) the borrower does not need to be a first-time homebuyer! Most down payment assistance programs require that a borrower be a first-time homebuyer. Not this program!
The borrower might have just sold a home a week ago and still qualify for the grant!

Number 2 – the minimum fico score can be as low at 620. Most down payment assistance programs require between 640, 660 sometimes 680 and 700 is even becoming a common requirement for these programs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, lenders risk tolerance has gone down dramatically due to the 33,000,000+ people that have been temporarily laid off. 620 Fico score and you’re good!

Number 3 – Most down payment assistance programs require that the home be a single-family residence. not this program! It can be a 1, 2, 3, or 4 unit property (as long as you will live there) or even a condominium!

Number 4 – Maximum income. most programs are designed for the low income to the moderate-income range. They, unfortunately, they have a limited appeal because of income limited. I saw one recently that had a $42,000 ($3,500 a month) income limit. That may work well in some parts of the United States, but in California, most mortgage payments start at $2,500 in less expensive areas. Obviously, these programs would not work for most people.

Number 5 – 3.5% GRANT towards a down payment which is standard for an FHA or in some more limited case, someone who is short on closing costs may also use this program for that!

Number 6 – If interest rates go down you can refinance! Most loan programs will create issues with refinancing. Some grant programs require you to keep the loan for 3, 5, or even 10 years or you will have to pay the money back. Some down payment assistance programs loan you the money, but you must pay the money back through the refinance. No equity. sorry, can’t refinance!

Number 7 Debt ratio! Most down payment assistance programs limit the debt to income ration to 43, 45, and even as high as 50%. Our program offers a generous 55% debt ratio,

That means 55% of your gross income (if you are a w2 employee) is allowable for the principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and PMI payment plus monthly debts of cars, credit cards (minimum payments) installment loans, student loans (1% of the outstanding debt – even if in deferment) child support and alimony.

The program is from the Dream Foundation and CEO Jeremy Turner started the program to help renters fire their landlords!

If you are a renter that is ready to move up, just go to my website, www.fireyourlandlord.info, and click the apply button. It will only take 5 minutes to fill out the application!

No more credit worries with 620
No more Down payment worries with your down payment covered
No more debt worries with a great debt ratio of 55%

http://www.FireYourLandlord.info for FHA loan application online. Apply online. even FHA Loans bad credit!

FHA Loan guidelines for FHA mortgage loans are the same in California and nationally.

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