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Finance of America Reverse: Sophisticated 21st Century Planning…


Today’s savvy investors are looking for innovative ways of adding value to America’s sophisticated retirement plans. For growing numbers of advisors and their clients, this now means choosing a reverse mortgage as part of a proactive retirement strategy as American live longer and healthier. In this news item we will learn more about the renaissance of reverse mortgages and how they support long-term financial security.

This segment was produced as part of ‘Planning Your Future,’ an in-depth news and current affairs-style program produced in collaboration by NAIFA and ITN Productions. It raises awareness of economic factors impacting Americans, such as sluggish wage growth, rising costs, underfunded retirements, and crushing student debt. The program delves into these issues and provides insight into how professional financial advisors are helping individuals, families and businesses across the nation make the right choices to reach their financial goals. The program focuses on the role that NAIFA and its members play to reduce risks and protect assets, fund major expenses like college and retirement, plan their estates, provide employee benefits, and group insurance, and secure their future.
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Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR) is a lender that specializes in reverse mortgages. Founded in 2003 as Urban Financial Group, FAR ranks among the top reverse mortgage originators in the United States.
Deeply committed to empowering adults age 62 and over with the tools they need to achieve financial independence, FAR believes that reverse mortgages can help many adults maintain a quality standard of living throughout their retirement years.
FAR’s retail division is licensed in 43 states, and its wholesale operation is licensed in 42 states and Puerto Rico. As a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA), we work hard to strengthen and safeguard reverse mortgages. With years of industry experience and reverse mortgage expertise, our team is committed to helping you succeed. Learn more at https://www.fareverse.com/