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How I get cash only home loans for Zero Down at low conventional …


This is my true crazy story about how I purchased my first home with an imaginary down payment, no PMI 80% loan to value and used a normal conventional with a nice low interest rate. My video describes how you can recognize this kind of a transaction and make it happen for yourself. I can’t tell you a couple pieces in public but, if you find yourself in the situation I describe please call me and I will fill you in on the rest. PS: I was able to get a home equity line of credit against the imaginary down payment the next day to fund a lot of the needed work.

Here is your check list to success on this plan in short.

1. Identify a distressed property (Pre-foreclosure)
2. Negotiate a purchase price with the owner whom needs to be willing to hang on for 30-90 days.
3. Arrange your purchase contract to include (secret)
4. Submit the purchase contract to a Rockstar loan officer and order the appraisal.
5. Get the appraisal and fix the needed items (double sided foam tape works wonders) and/or arrange a lender hold back for a couple critical items (Rats, roof…)
5.5 (have time and money to commit and be willing to loss it; cost me about $3500 (mostly dumpster fees we most 135 yards of waste) and over a hundred hours of labor myself.)
6. Have the appraiser reinspect for the the previously listed items.
7. Have (secret) & (secret) sign (secret) and close.
8. Get home equity line to pay for additional improvements and get any lender hold back associated work completed.
9. Enjoy huge gains. Live there at least one your then you can turn it into a rental. You are allowed to sell sooner then one your but then you may be tagged as a “Flipper” if that happens you will not be able to get normal “conforming” home loans.

To be clear I did this my self for my first home purchase. You don’t need to be a first time home buyer to follow this plan but you do need to be buying this house as a occupant borrower.

You can email me: john.wolf@caliberhomeloans.com

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