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How to qualify for a home loan when you have a job that pays you with a W2.

Home Loan Expert, Teresa Tims, http://TheSoCalLoanPro discusses what lenders look for when analyzing your income when you are looking to purchase or refinance a residential home. She is emphasizing how important it is to work with someone experienced and understands guidelines but more importantly someone that can get things done, PUSH for you and make things happen.

She will talk about the following;

Part time Income
Bonus Income
Overtime Income
Commission Income
Touch on Schedule C Income
Auto/Mileage re-imbursement
W2 to a 1099 (Self Employed) same line of work?
1099 to W2 (Wage Earner)?

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Southern California Home Loan Expert, Teresa Tims, Vlogs to educate and help Consumers make an Educated decision when it comes to Home Loan Lending In California. https://Thesocalloanpro.com

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