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Not Old, Just Classic: Vintage Kitchen Appliances…


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There’s something very loveable in vintage charm. Whether it’s the comeback of the vinyl record player or the timeless style of a jukebox, the retro aesthetic seems to never go out of fashion.

You may have already noticed the swift rate that adorable vintage appliances have begun popping up in magazines, Instagram ads, and television commercials as a kitchen design statement. These appliances, previously commonplace household items, can make for a popular spotlight piece in any modern kitchen space. Fridges, toasters, and specialty appliances are being produced by boutique brands in lovely colors that will accentuate your space and style comfortably.

When it comes to selecting kitchen gadgets, both color and style are important. Choose your neutrals and then select an accent color. Whether your kitchen lends itself to white, black, natural, or gray tones, select some neutrals to balance your space. Neutral colors are best for the majority of your appliances, but leave room to add a pop of cherry red or mint green to highlight certain areas of the room.

Not every item in your kitchen needs to be, nor should it be, entirely vintage-inspired. The most memorable interior kitchen designs that come to my mind have a unique blend of sleek modern and classic charm.

If you’re looking to cultivate your own style and aesthetic into your design, consider some of the appliances below to really make a statement. In no time at all, you’ll have created a space that makes you want to opt in for baking Saturday morning biscuits with the family or divvying up a Sunday roast.

Retro Fridges

Fridges display one of the most well-known styles of vintage appliances. The sleek, shiny metal with smoothed edges and glossy finish stands out amidst all typical appliance sets. Some of these may come with the flashy handles to open, but I prefer the no-handle design that emphasizes the overall shape and color.

If you have a small space, such as a studio or an apartment, consider a mini or compact vintage refrigerator. A small, brightly-colored fridge will open up your space and bring a refreshing light to your kitchen.


Toasters may be the most undervalued when it comes to kitchen artistry. As an appliance that naturally resides on the countertop, not inside a pantry or hidden away in the cupboard, a toaster should fit nicely with your décor.

In a larger kitchen space, you might consider a full-size retro convection toaster oven that has the ability to toast, bake, and broil your favorite food items for a delicious meal. This multi-use appliance will save you space and time, as long as you have the counter space to place it.

In a smaller space, or if you simply do not need the bake or broil functionality, consider going back to the basics with a classic, two-piece bread toaster. This model takes up less counter space, provides for basic toasting needs, and has a nice stainless-steel look to retro styling of the case and buttons.


Tea kettles make for a great accent piece to any styled interior. They can add a unique vibe or characteristic to the kitchen that expresses your personality. Just leave an old-fashioned stovetop kettle out during the day to be admired as part of your collection and you’re sure to receive compliments.

I am always a fan of classic stovetop kettles, especially if you are looking for a unique or vintage piece. Consider shopping around at markets or secondhand stores to find a truly one-of-a-kind item.

If you are looking for a safer alternative, consider an electric kettle. Some have the functionality to shut off automatically when the water is thoroughly heated, saving energy while also preventing a potential fire hazard.

Specialty Appliances

One of the most charming aspects of vintage-inspired interior designs could be the inclusion of specialty appliances. If you are looking to up your home theater game, consider a vintage popcorn machine. Spend more time with your family on weekly movie night with freshly-popped kettle corn and a station with all of the toppings. If you really want to get fancy and festive, consider a cotton candy machine for the kids (and that extra sweet tooth!).

Of course, when I think of a 50s Rock ’n’ Roll retro diner, I cannot help but think of frozen milkshakes and strong coffee. One of my favorite specialty retro appliances happens to be the special milkshake maker, which can whip up any of your specialty drink items from milkshake with all the add-ins to secret family cocktail recipes.

To satisfy your morning caffeine cravings, you can easily find a vintage-style drip coffee maker in a variety of colors. Since these are always in demand, you will find plenty of options available in the store or online.

Design Your Dream Kitchen

Vintage appliances have replaced the standard afterthought of the everyday refrigerator that blends into the wall. Homeowners can now brighten their modern space with a pop of color from a retro fridge or a vintage bread box.

By staying true to a simple design with a few vintage-style staple appliances, it’s easy to cultivate a beautiful and unique space that lends itself to positive vibes. Create a space where you can enjoy cooking, baking, washing dishes, and spending time with family. If you love your kitchen space and it feels like home to you, then opting to stay in and bake cookies with the kids is a no brainer!

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