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Organization Tips That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa…


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Wouldn’t it be positively amazing and ultra relaxing if you could transport yourself into a spa bathroom every day? Think large soaking tubs, steamy showers, plush towels, bright subway tiles, perfectly organized bins and shelves? Well, you now you can. With edgy but classic trends like hygge, KonMari, and Scandinavian modern design, today’s homeowners can transform their own living spaces into luxurious escapes that can rival any spa day experience.

The first step to achieving a
completely relaxing, chic-looking spa-worthy bathroom? Organization. A few key
organization tricks and must-have items and tools will whip up your bathroom in
no time flat.

Looking for some bathroom
organization tips that will transform your space into a bathhouse? Here are 12
ways for the modern-meets-chill homeowner to craft the ultimate spa-like

1. Toss any products you no longer use.

In order to manifest a bathroom that feels laid-back, you need to establish a foundation that is sans clutter. If you have a graveyard of hardly used or never used bath and body products, old towels, or shabby bath mats, it’s time to part with them. After all, there’s no point in buying bins and baskets for items you’ll never use or that expired long ago.

2. Keep counter Space Clutter-Free

Bathroom counters are perhaps the most trafficked areas on a daily basis.Therefore, messy toothbrushes and soap dispensers are less than chill vibes. A smooth counter space should be as open and empty as possible. Of course, you’ll want to keep a few bath-ready essentials on your counters. Look for clear acrylic trays, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes to keep sight lines open and clean.

Once the counter space is free of items and products you don’t need every day, the mood of your bathroom is brighter and fresher.

3. Stock Up on the Right Cleaning Products

Instead of holding onto so-so cleaners and old rags, keep a few housekeeping products on hand to keep your bathroom in sparkling, tip-top shape. Invest in a good cleaning caddy to keep these products out of sight, but on-hand at a moment’s notice.

4. Mix-In Storage Bins

Even the plushest spas with major Zen Zones have some visible storage bins. Whether textured and patterned cubes, or woven baskets, bins can add a minimal-but-sweet touch to a crisp but sterile looking space. Plus, decorative baskets look chic on floating shelves and under the sink.

Need storage on the down low? Clear stacking bins are a perfect addition to linen closets for wares that are normally stored and kept away until needed.

5. Add a Shower Caddy or Corner Shelves

Many showers lack the proper space for shampoo, soaps, and other bathing products. Add in a shower caddy or corner shelves to maximize usable space in the shower, take away clutter, and stay more organized. Or, go the extra mile and install a shower dispenser to get rid of plastic product bottles once and for all.

6. Don’t Forget About Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Most folks don’t have large bathrooms with ample shelving space, storage, or even a linen closet. Over-the-toilet shelves will solve your storage woes without sacrificing space or your essentials. Opt for shelves with clean, thin lines so your sight lines won’t be obstructed. You’ll still have loads of room to store towels, toilet paper, and maybe even a plant or two.

7. Get Clever With Secret Storage Spots and Dividers

Did you know the inside of cabinet doors can be used for storage, too? Door organizers can keep tricky to store products neatly tucked away, like hair dryers with long, windy cords. Plus, hooks can hold other needed essentials like show poufs.

And if you don’t have cabinets to
use or have ample under the sink storage, look for a modern but classic wall
cabinet to add some much-needed organization and even hold a towel or two.

8. Invest in Some Quality, Plush Linens

Turkish towels are a must for any spa-like bathroom. Towels will help complete the space, transforming it into a sanctuary oasis for daily use — for just relaxing and bathing. It’s also a smart idea to invest in a lush set of hand towels for guests, as well.

Don’t stop at towels. Opt for thick bath mats to add color, softness, or texture to your space, as well — not to mention, keeping water puddles at bay.

9. Elevate Your Everyday Laundry Bin

Even in the most minimal and coolest of spas, laundry bins often stay in sight. Why not add in a bin that adds elements of calmness and coziness? A neutral, woven bin in gray, white, oatmeal, or creamy caramel adds a little pomp to the style of the bathroom, without overtaking it or looking out of place.

If you need a little more organization than that, go for a double storage bin that separates lights and darks (or linens and clothes, depending on your preference).

10. Ditch the Hanging Towel Rack

A rolled-up towel rack is spic and span, and keeps clutter to a minimum. If you need more space for towels or robes, consider over-the-door hooks for the bathroom door. That way, towels or robes will be nicely stored, but not take up too much precious real estate on the bathroom walls.

11. No Sink Storage or Shelves? No Problem

A modern metal cart is your best sidekick. With organization, you don’t have to face the dilemma of what can be stored away unseen versus what you can leave out. A minimalist metal cart can artfully store beauty products, towels, bath gear, all in plain sight.

12. Finish the Room with Dinimal Accessories

This is the time to use your design eye for cool or trendy soap dispensers, a shag rug, a framed photo, and even some plants that thrive in steamy bathrooms. This is also the time to shop for miscellaneous storage like hair station organizers, plug covers, an extra woven bin, drawer dividers, Q-tips holder, or shower rods to finish off the space for the utmost organization.

Now, add-in a scented candle and
essential oil dispenser, and you’re ready to have a full-on spa day in your own

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