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Secured Credit Cards Explained – Types of Secured Credit Cards…


There are different types of secured credit cards. So this will be secured credit cards explained video or a guide to secured cards. I will show you the secured credit cards to build credit fast. These are secured credit cards for bad credit or no credit.

Learn how to get the OpenSky Secured Visa

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7 Best Secured Credit Cards That Graduate To Unsecured

⚡Secured Credit Cards Explained YouTube Video Chapters⚡
0:00 Intro
0:17 Definition of Secured Credit Card
1:20 Chase Secured Credit Card
4:02 Types of Secured Credit Cards
5:23 Secured Cards with High Fees
7:23 Secured Credit Card Application Denied
9:37 Secured Card Hard Inquiry
11:42 Secured Credit Cards That Graduate

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📕 I haven’t written a book on building good credit, but if I did, I would want it to be as good as this one written by Liz Weston.

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