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Stylish Chandeliers That Will Illuminate Your Home…



Looking for a modern but on-trend
lighting fixture to tie your living space together? You won’t miss the mark
with a chandelier.

Choosing the oh-so-right chandelier
seems like no easy feat. But it doesn’t have to be. Some homeowners might view
this lighting fixture as boring, stuffy, or even outdated. Whether your tastes
are classic, luxe, modern, minimal, or eclectic, the right chandelier will
light up any room.

Chandeliers need to fall in line
with your home aesthetic, budget, size, and materials in order to complement
your furniture and fully elevate your space. Look at this lighting fixture as
another design element and furniture item in one fell swoop. Its lighting
component will transform your space and create impactful pools of light. On the
other hand, its form and function will also impact and influence your home’s
furniture and a room’s purpose. The right amount of light can illuminate
bedrooms, reading nooks, art spaces, dining areas, gaming spots, and even

Odds are your ceiling is missing a
focal design point. Add a chandelier into the mix, and your home will be
utterly transformed. We found some key options that will brighten up your
living space, whether the lights are on or off.

Ready to begin? We laid out the best
tips and lighting options for adding a sparkling chandelier to your home.

Where to Start

1. Finalize Your Budget

Deciding how much you are willing to spend on a chandelier is the first and one of the most important steps in this process. Once you formalize how much you’re willing to spend on the chandelier, and if there is (or isn’t) any wiggle room on an item. Whether you’re in the market for a budget-friendly light fixture or something more expensive, land on a price point you’re comfortable with.

2. Assess Your Space

This is the time to get down to brass tacks: pick an area or room for the light fixture, assess your current furniture and the room layout. Then, move on to taking measurements and consider the natural lighting in your home. All of these elements add up to a bigger piece of the puzzle of room design. Lighting is one of the biggest elements in that factor, so you’ll want to prep accordingly. 

3. Define Your Style

Now, comes the fun part. What is your aesthetic? What represents a functional and relaxing space? Many homeowners have different outlooks and perspectives around pleasing design and trends. Whether you’re keen on modern looks, industrial touches, luxe charm, Scandinavian cool, French chic, or something else, articulate your design style to find the right chandelier that will absolutely make your home glow.

Now, you’re ready to switch on the lights.

Consider Uour Options

1. Modern luxe with crystals

crystal chandelier

Craving some sparkle with a modern touch? A raindrop effect will illuminate any home with ethereal, dreamy touches with a major cool factor.

2. Crisp and clear pendants

glass chandelier

A single crystal pendant style chandelier is of-the-moment, adds a hint of glitter — and without a lot of fuss. Homeowners who like subtlety with a hint of minimalism will dig pendant styles.

3. Industrial infused details

industrial chandelier

A bronze globe chandelier that has industrial design details will be a great contrast in room with rustic touches and elements.

4. Mini and dainty

mini chandelier

Homeowners looking to add a bit of shine to a kid’s room, a walk-in closet, or just prefer smaller-scale editions will dig a mini chandelier.

5. Timeless and classic

classic chandelier

Looking for an everlasting and iconic style? Go with a classic chandelier to compliment on-trend and modern furniture. With crystal chains and candle lit bulbs, this fixture will make any home look palatial.

6. Mod and retro charm

retro chandelier

An ultra-modern brass and Edison bulb chandelier has 1960s influences but a modern-day cool factor, too. The fixture is perfect for homeowners who crave a sleek touch and dig the charm of Mid-Century Modern style.

7. Hollywood glam

glam chandelier

If retro and vintage vibes are your thing, especially in a vacation abode, go full force with a large, over-the-top fixture. Feathers, large bulbs, and crystals complete the look. Other design enthusiasts might opt for a firework style chandelier to make the space pop and buzz with infusions of light.

8. Geometric

geometric chandelier

Angles can be an asset in a home. With Danish design sensibilities and other home touches like textured jute rugs, wood furnishings, and Scandinavian blankets, a geometric chandelier will elevate the room.

9. Farmhouse style

farmhouse chandelier

Oil rubbed bronze is the rustic charm that transforms any space. Adding iron box details adds an unexpected touch. Or, opt for a wooden drum style chandelier for even more laid-back farmhouse aesthetics.

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