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Today’s Best 1-Year CD Rates Paying 2.45%…


The Best 12 Month CD Rates

The top nationally available one year CD rates currently offer 2.45% APY. That’s up more than a full percentage point since this time last year. It’s unclear whether we’ll see more upward movement for 12-month CDs, given that the Federal Reserve’s just announced a 0.25% rates decrease.

The Top National One Year CD Rates

The top spot on our list comes from one bank paying 2.52% APY with a $5,000 minimum deposit requirement — SBI New York. In total, there are now 20 banks offering 2.25% APY or better on nationally available 12-month CDs.

While rates are creeping up, they’re still historically low since drastically falling during the recession. After plunging in the spring of 2011, the leading 12-month yield wavered between its post-recession low of 1.05% and 1.10% APY for all of 2012 and half of 2013.

Fast forward to 2019 and 20 banks are offering more than twice that post-recession low. That makes it crucial to shop around for the best CD rates. Many of the deals below pay around three times the current national average of one year CDs, which is 0.84% APY.

Top 12 Month CD Rates: Nationally Available Bank Deals

Bank APY Minimum Deposit
Comenity Direct 2.40% $1,500
State Bank of India – Chicago 2.32% $2,500
Merrick Bank 2.40% $25,000
Sallie Mae 2.45% $2,500
M.Y. Safra Bank 2.05% $5000
Rising Bank 2.40% $1,000
Banesco USA 2.40% $1,000
Citizens Access  2.25% $5,000
Live Oak Bank 2.40% $2,500
First Internet Bank of Indiana 2.32% $1,000
State Bank of India – New York 2.52% $5,000
Synchrony Bank 2.40% $2,000
My eBanc 2.25% $5,000
Colorado Federal Savings Bank 2.35% $5,000
Ally Bank 2.35% $5,000
TIAA Bank 2.36% $1,000
Popular Direct 2.25% $10,000
Capital One 360 2.40% $0
PurePoint Financial  2.25% $10,000
BankPurely  0.15% $1,000


Earn More with Local Deals

Savers can often find competitive 1-year returns by turning to credit unions and community banks. US Alliance Financial Credit Union, for instance, is offering 2.70% APY on slightly longer CD terms.

For those who live in the right place or work for the right employer, it’s possible to earn even more. That’s why it pays to shop for rates locally. On all of the deals below, eligibility requirements apply. Contact the bank or credit union directly to determine if you qualify for membership.

Top Regional 12 Month CDs: Credit Unions & Community Banks


Disclaimer: The rates above were verified September 16, 2019. Credit unions and banks should be contacted directly to determine eligibility for opening accounts with that institution, as well as to verify current rates.

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