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Top 10 Safest Cities in Arizona…


The sixth largest state by land area, Arizona is known for its
vast, scenic desert terrain and sunny climate. With large cities like Phoenix
and several small, charming towns, Arizona has a perfect blend of urban life
and natural sights. Ready to move to the Grand Canyon State? Take a look at the
10 safest cities in the state.

The Top 10 Safest Cities in Arizona

1. Paradise Valley

Population: 14,159

Violent Crimes: 3
(0.0207 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 196
(1.350 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Burglary 

46.63% Below National Crime Rate, 56.51% Below
State Crime Rate

Paradise Valley lives up to its name by topping the list of Arizona’s
safest cities. Located northeast of Phoenix, Paradise Valley is an affluent town
known for its golf courses, shopping centers and beautiful mountain views. As
home to eight full-service resorts, Paradise Valley truly is a slice of luxury.

2. Thatcher

Population: 5,048

Violent Crimes: 0 (0 per

Nonviolent Crimes: 70
(1.3867 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Burglary

46.01% Below National Crime Rate, 56% Below
State Crime Rate

Looking for a city with
no violent crimes committed in the past year? Look no further than Thatcher!
Located in Graham County in the southeastern part of the state, Thatcher is a
small community that includes an 18-hole golf course and several parks. It’s
also home to Eastern Arizona College, which opened its doors in 1888.

3. Gilbert

Population: 247,463

Violent Crimes: 243
(0.0946 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 3,273
(1.3226 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Burglary

44.82% Below National Crime Rate, 55.04% Below
State Crime Rate

Previously called the
“Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” Gilbert is a growing city known
for its agricultural roots and high safety ratings. Located just southeast
of Phoenix, Gilbert offers residents plenty of restaurants, local arts and crafts
and numerous walking trails, earning it a new sobriquet — “Phoenix’s Coolest
Suburb.” Whether you want to hit up the farmers market or the local breweries,
you can do so with peace of mind in this safe community.

4. Oro Valley

Population: 44,844

Violent Crimes: 17
(0.0379 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 610
(1.3603 per capita)

Most Common Crimes:
Larceny and Burglary

45.56% Below National Crime Rate, 55.64% Below
State Crime Rate

Driving six miles north
of Tucson will take you to Oro Valley, a city with the Santa Catalina Mountains
as its backdrop. With more than 50 miles of trails, there’s always
something new to see and explore. Need a break from the desert trails? Try
cooling down in Oro Valley’s well-known aquatic center.

5. Florence

Population: 25,987

Violent Crimes: 34
(0.1308 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 127
(0.4887 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Aggravated Assault

75.88% Below National Crime Rate, 80.34% Below
State Crime Rate

Located southeast of
Phoenix, Florence is an old town with historic charm. Founded in 1866, Florence
has more than 25 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The
town is also known for its natural wonders and landmarks such as the Gila River
and McFarland State Park. With crime rates well below the national and state
averages, Florence is a safe haven for any history enthusiast.

6. San Luis

Population: 33,074

Violent Crimes: 8
(0.0242 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 472
(1.4271 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Car Theft

43.49% Below National Crime Rate, 53.95% Below
State Crime Rate

Located at the southwestern
corner of the state at the California border, San Luis is a growing city in
Yuma County. Its close proximity to the Colorado River, Mexico border and
California beaches is partly why the city has seen so much growth in the past
decade — not to mention its safety ratings. Although San Luis sits at No. 6 on
this list, it has the third lowest violent crime rate in the state, with only eight
violent crimes reported in the past year.

7. Sahuarita

Population: 29,896

Violent Crimes: 38
(0.1271 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 348
(1.164 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Burglary

49.73% Below National Crime Rate, 59.03% Below
State Crime Rate

Incorporated in 1994,
Sahuarita is one of the youngest cities in the state. However, like much of
Arizona, it has a rich cultural history due to Native American groups who have
called the land home for centuries. Outdoors enthusiasts will love the
desert trails, while history enthusiasts will enjoy the Titan Missile Museum,
which contains old missiles from the Cold War.

8. Somerton

Population: 16,380

Violent Crimes: 19
(0.116 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 218
(1.3309 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Burglary

43.67% Below National Crime Rate, 54.09% Below
State Crime Rate

Founded in 1898,
Somerton may be a small town in Yuma County, but it has plenty of community
events and recreational activities, including casinos and parks. With
sunshine most of the year, Somerton is a great wintertime destination. Not
to mention the Tamale Festival held every December, which 30,000 people flock
to every year.

9. Maricopa

Population: 48,660

Violent Crimes: 93
(0.1911 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 489
(1.0049 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Aggravated Assault

53.43% Below National Crime Rate, 62.05% Below
State Crime Rate

Incorporated as a city
in 2003, Maricopa is a suburb in the greater Phoenix area. From its Dwarf Car
Museum, country clubs and Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino, Maricopa draws more visitors
and residents each year. Maricopa’s safety ratings have been steady, with the
city taking the ninth safest spot on last year’s list as well. Maricopa also has
the second lowest property crime rate in the state. 

10. Surprise

Population: 136,611

Violent Crimes: 165
(0.1208 per capita)

Nonviolent Crimes: 2,103
(1.5394 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny and Aggravated Assault

35.36% Below National Crime Rate, 47.32% Below
State Crime Rate

For the last city on our
list — surprise! It’s Surprise. Founded in 1938 by Flora Mae Statler, who commented
that she’d be “surprised if the town ever amounted to much,” Surprise has grown
to more than 100,000 residents and includes such notable attractions as Surprise
Stadium, which is the spring training center for the Texas Rangers and Kansas
City Royals baseball teams. Tenth on the safest cities list for two years
in a row, Surprise has a steadfast record of safety.

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