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Top 10 Safest Cities in Delaware…



Welcome to Delaware!
Delaware is known for being the second smallest state in the United States, and
the first of the original colonies to ratify the Constitution, earning it the
nickname “The First State.” Despite its small size, the state is densely
populated and growing every year. If you’re thinking about moving here, we’ve
compiled a list of the ten safest cities to help you make an informed choice.

1. Ocean View

Population: 2,146

Violent Crimes: 2 (0.0932
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 24 (1.1184
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

52.83% Below National Crime Rate, 55.91% Below
State Crime Rate

Topping the list of
safest cities is Ocean View, located in Sussex County. With only two violent
crimes reported in the past year, residents enjoy a peaceful, safe life in the
quiet coastal town. Need additional incentive to move to Ocean View? True to
its name, Ocean view is only one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, making
weekend trips to the beach a breeze.

2. Milton

Population: 2,966

Violent Crimes: 0 (0 per

Non-Violent Crimes: 47 (1.5846
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

38.30% Below National Crime Rate, 42.34% Below
State Crime Rate

Milton resides on the
Delmarva Peninsula in Sussex County. Founded in 1763 as “Head of the
Broadkiln”, the town was renamed to “Milton” in 1807 after poet John Milton. No
violent crimes were reported in the past year, making this quaint town the least
violent in the state. Additionally, Milton is known for founding the Dogfish
Head Brewery, so what’s not to love?

3. Bridgeville

Population: 2,368

Violent Crimes: 4 (0.1689
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 33 (1.3936
per capita)

Most Common Crime: Larceny;
Burglary; Aggravated Assault

39.16% Below National Crime Rate, 43.14% Below
State Crime Rate

Bridgeville is another small town in Sussex County, with a population of just over 2,300. Although originating as an agricultural town, the introduction of the Delaware Railroad in 1856 shifted its industry and led to an increased population. Bridgeville holds an annual Apple Scrapple Festival, celebrating all things apple and scrapple.

4. Lewes

Population: 3,134

Violent Crimes: 7 (0.2234
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 65
(2.074 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

10.55% Below National Crime Rate, 16.40% Below
State Crime Rate

Located along the
Delaware Bay, Lewes is a charming seaside town with the fourth lowest crime
rate in the state. Founded in 1643, Lewes is known for being the first European
settlement in the state. Lewes stood strong through a pirate attack in 1698 and
a British attack in the War of 1812, and still is thriving today.

5. Newark

Population: 34,207

Violent Crimes: 100 (0.2923
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 667
(1.9499 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Aggravated Assault

12.70% Below National Crime Rate, 18.41% Below
State Crime Rate

Newark is the most
populated city on the list, with over than 34,000 residents. From its state
parks, Main Street shopping center, and University of Delaware campus, there’s
no shortage of things to do in this college town! With a median home value of
around $250,000, Newark is an affordable choice for residents who want the
liveliness of a college town without the high costs.

6. Middletown

Population: 22,350

Violent Crimes:  64 (0.286 per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 437 (1.955
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary; Aggravated Assault

12.73% Below National Crime Rate, 18.43% Below
State Crime Rate

Middletown is one of the
larger towns on our list, with a population of over 22,000. The town started as
a tavern stop, acting as a halfway point between landmarks in Delaware in
Maryland; thus, the town became known as “Middletown.” With median
house prices around $35,000, Middletown is pricier than some of its
neighboring towns, but it’s still an affordable destination for anyone looking
to live in one of Sussex County’s larger towns.

7. Clayton

Population: 3,297

Violent Crimes: 16 (0.4853
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 29 (0.8796
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Aggravated Assault

46.86% Below National Crime Rate, 50.33% Below
State Crime Rate

Clayton is a town
located in both Kent and New Castle Counties, with the majority of its land
within Kent County. Clayton gained its name from John M. Clayton, a
Delaware-born United States Secretary of State who advocated for the railroad.
With a median age of 31 and houses often sold for $200,000 – $300,000, Clayton
is a young, affordable town with a lot of charm.

8. Elsmere

Population: 6,033

Violent Crimes: 25 (0.4144
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 95 (1.5747
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

22.56% Below National Crime Rate, 27.62% Below
State Crime Rate

With a population of
over 6,000 residents, Elsmere is one of the larger towns on our list. Elsmere
is a town in New Castle County, west of Wilmington. Town development began in
the mid-late 1800s, and Elsmere was incorporated as a city in 1909. With
multiple neighborhood parks and houses averaging $150,000 in price, Elsmere is
a young, affordable town that’s perfect for families. And if you’re a dog owner
as well — take your furry friend to Elsmere Bark Park!

9. Millsboro

Population: 4,439

Violent Crimes: 11 (0.2478
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 179
(4.0324 per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

66.65% Above National Crime Rate, 55.76% Below
State Crime Rate

Located in Sussex
County, Millsboro is approximately 15 miles from Rehoboth Beach. While a
modest size, Millsboro is experiencing rapid growth in comparison to nearby
cities. In a 2019 Report on State Planning Issues, Millsboro ranked #1 out of
25 Sussex County cities for number of residential building permits issued. With
more retail and restaurants opening each year, Millsboro is the place to be!

10. Selbyville

Population: 2,494

Violent Crimes: 9 (0.3609
per capita)

Non-Violent Crimes: 56 (2.2454
per capita)

Most Common Crime:
Larceny; Burglary

1.47% Above National Crime Rate, 5.16% Below
State Crime Rate

Rounding out our list is
Selbyville, a Sussex County town founded in 1778. The town earned its name from
resident Sampson Selby, who, in 1842, marked packages for delivery to his
store, “Selby-Ville.” Modern Selbyville retains its small-town charm,
with agriculture and ranching being its main industry. Its safety ratings are
steady, having been ranked the 10th safest city for two years in a row.

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