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Top 10 Safest Cities in Kansas…



Welcome to Kansas! The Sunflower State is one of the nation’s leading agricultural states, with its main crop being wheat and wheat products. But it’s not all farmland in Kansas – the state is also known for being an industrial leader in airplane manufacturing! Whether you’re drawn into the rural life or the urban craze, there’s a little something for everyone in Kansas. Ready to move and truly understand “there’s no place like home”? We’ve compiled a list of the safest cities in Kansas to help you make an informed decision.

1. Valley Center

  • Population: 7,370
  • Violent Crimes: 6 (0.0814 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 83 (1.1262 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

52.98% Below National Crime Rate, 60.70% Below State Crime Rate

Coming in first place is Valley Center, a small city in Sedgwick County. Valley City has a long history; originally settled in the 1870s, Valley City incorporated into Kansas in 1885. Valley City is home to several parks, which include amenities such as golf, trails for hiking, and a splash park. In addition to its serene atmosphere and high safety marks, Valley Center’s housing market is fairly affordable, with houses averaging in the mid $100,000s.

2. Tonganoxie

  • Population: 5,508
  • Violent Crimes: 6 (0.1089 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 59 (1.0712 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Car Theft

54.05% Below National Crime Rate, 61.60% Below State Crime Rate

Located in northeast Kansas, Tonganoxie is a small, 5,000+ resident city in Leavenworth County. The city gained its name from Chief Tonganoxie, a member of the Delaware Native American tribe that once called the land home. Several landmarks pay homage to the Chief, including Chieftain Park, which includes soccer fields, more than one-mile trails, and a playground. The average new home sells for around $160,000.

3. Basehor

  • Population: 6,239
  • Violent Crimes: 7 (0.1122 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 68 (1.0899 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Car Theft

53.20% Below National Crime Rate, 60.88% Below State Crime Rate

Approximately 10 miles northwest of Tonganoxie resides the next city on our list, Basehor. Established in 1889, Basehor is a small, affluent city of around 6,000 residents who enjoy the suburban, safe atmosphere. One of the city’s highlights is Holy-Field Vineyard & Winery, which produces 19 distinctive wines and is open year round.

4. Leawood

  • Population: 35,070
  • Violent Crimes: 27 (0.077 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 543 (1.5483 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

36.72% Below National Crime Rate, 47.11% Below State Crime Rate

With a population of over 35,000 residents, Leawood is one of the most-populated cities on our list. Incorporated in 148, this Johnson County city has a particularly low violent crime rate, with 0.07 violent crimes committed per capita. An affluent city, the median household income is $134,000, and the median home value is over $390,000.

5. McPherson

  • Population: 13,211
  • Violent Crimes: 23 (0.174 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 21 (0.166 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

87% Below National Crime Rate, 89.20% Below State Crime Rate

McPherson is the county seat of McPherson County, located north of Wichita. Named after the Union Civil War General James Birdseye McPherson, the city has grown rapidly since its founding in 1872. Although industrialized, McPherson pays homage to its history in its Museum and Arts Foundation. One highlight is the McPherson Opera House, which was built in 1889 and still stands today.

6. Ulysses

  • Population: 5,878
  • Violent Crimes: 10 (0.1701 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 48 (0.8166 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

61.58% Below National Crime Rate, 67.89% Below State Crime Rate

Named after Ulysses S. Grant, the city of Ulysses is the county seat of Grant County. Founded in 1885, Ulysses did not become incorporated into Kansas until 1921. One of Ulysses’ most notable features is the Main Artery, a 7,000 square foot gallery on Main Street that includes 25 artists and 20 vendors. Adults and children alike will enjoy the art workshops and seasonal displays.

7. Bel Aire

  • Population: 8,092
  • Violent Crimes: 8 (0.0989 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 156 (1.9278 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

21.09% Below National Crime Rate, 34.05% Below State Crime Rate

Bel Aire is a city in Sedgwick County, and a suburb of Wichita. Founded in 1955 and incorporated in 1985, Bel Aire is a newer city in comparison to the other, similar small towns. Bel Aire is home to multiple parks, with Bel Aire Park situated as the most central and visible. Despite being ranked seventh on our list, Bel Aire has a notably low violent crime rate – the fourth lowest in the state!

8. Emporia

  • Population: 24,698
  • Violent Crimes: 28 (0.1134 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 429 (1.737 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

27.69% Below National Crime Rate, 39.79% Below State Crime Rate

The county seat of Lyon County, Emporia is a city of nearly 25,000 residents. Emporia takes pride in its 18 parks, which span a little over 250 acres in total. In addition, Emporia has a recreational center, aquatic center, zoo, and golf course. If the wide variety of amenities weren’t enticing enough, Emporia has strong safety ratings, so all these excursions can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

9. Paola

  • Population: 5,574
  • Violent Crimes: 4 (0.0718 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 134 (2.404 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

3.61% Below National Crime Rate, 19.43% Below State Crime Rate

Paola is the county seat of Miami County, located southwest of Kansas City. Incorporated in 1855, Paola has a solid history, ranging from the Civil War to the introduction of the railroads. Built in the 1800s, the Historic Town Square still stands as the central gathering place of the city, hosting numerous events and festivals. With a blend of older architecture and modern delights, Paola has a diverse housing market to choose from.

10. Lenexa

  • Population: 54,349
  • Violent Crimes: 107 (0.1969 per capita)
  • Non-Violent Crimes: 838 (1.5419 per capita)
  • Most Common Crime: Larceny; Burglary

32.30% Below National Crime Rate, 43.42% Below State Crime Rate

Last but not least is the city of Lenexa, located in Johnson County. With over 54,000 residents calling this city home, Lenexa is by far the most-populated city on our list. Lenexa is known as the City of Festivals, and for good reason – there’s always multiple festivals and events happening in the city each month, ranging from movie nights, chili challenges, and poetry festivals. If you need some downtime, Lenexa also has over 30 parks to choose from, perfect for casual walks and hikes.

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